The OpenEMR Virtual Appliance

is a sub-project of OpenEMR. The
home page of OpenEMR can be
found at .


9/1/2012: The OpenEMR 4.1.1 Virtual Appliance was released.

9/28/2011: The OpenEMR 4.1.0 Virtual Appliance was released.

4/2/2011: The OpenEMR 4.0.0 Virtual Appliance was released.

2/17/2010: The OpenEMR 3.2.0 Virtual Appliance was released.

8/26/2009: The OpenEMR 3.1.0 Virtual Appliance was released.

4/11/2009: The OpenEMR 3.0.1 Virtual Appliance was released.

10/6/2007: The OpenEMR 2.8.3 Virtual Appliance was released.

4/30/2007: The OpenEMR 2.8.2 Virtual Appliance was released.

5/1/2006: The OpenEMR 2.8.1 Virtual Appliance was released.

The Free OpenEMR Virtual Appliance

A Free OpenEMR Virtual Appliance, which can be run on any operating system that supports the Free VMware Player. This project is a sub-project of OpenEMR. The main OpenEMR project home page can be found at .

What is this thing?

A comprehensive OpenSource Medical Practice Management Software Appliance, which provides office scheduling, electronic medical records, prescriptions, insurance billing, accounting and access controls. This appliance has many possible applications, such as a fully functional demo, a testing/developing platform, and as the starting point in real world clinic applications. It can be run on any operating system that supports the VMware Player. The detailed building instructions of this appliance are also included in the manual, which will allow easy modification/updates of appliance and will allow simple transition to a native server, if required.

What is the point?

The clinical benefits of computerized medical records are clear, however, the costs of current proprietary systems are large. This high cost precludes many small practices from transitioning to computerized medical records. Open Source medical record systems are quickly becoming a viable, cost effective alternative. Comprehensive open source medical practice management software suites, such as OpenEMR, can be difficult to install/evaluate and administer. These obstacles can be easily circumvented with a pre-installed Virtual Appliance, hence the point of the OpenEMR Virtual Appliance.